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Awful Resilient | by Alex Pardee | Art Book

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"Awful / Resilient"
By Alex Pardee
172 pages, 250 illustrations & photos.
8.5" x 11"

Book Description:
Published by Gingko Press, Upper Playground & Zerofriends

Open the cover and enter the incredible world of Alex Pardee
inhabited by a disturbing menagerie of misfit monsters and improbable superheroes
plucked from the very nightmares of childhood.

As a follow-up to Alex's "Awful / Homesick" this book is bigger, broader and contains ALL DIFFERENT images than his previous book.

World Renown Illustrator and founder of Juxtapoz Magazine, ROBERT WILLIAMS says
this about AWFUL / RESILIENT:
"Alex Pardee has turned emotional escape into aggressive exploration, and he has done
this through the use of biomorphic and anthropomorphic expression. The horse his mind
rides is a hot rubber unicorn, but he'll get back to the world before it melts."