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Tonight Toknight | by Alex Pardee | T Shirt

$20.00 / On Sale

"Tonight, To Knight"
Designed by Alex Pardee.
Printed on White American Apparel Mens/Unisex Tee.

When i was growing up, i thought a majority of the DC comics universe was lame based solely on my first dive into their world, which went something like this:

"Oh wow, rad. That dude swims and can talk to seahorses, who are most probably AMAZING conversationalists! What? Who's AquaLAD? His young FRIEND? He rides a MANATEE!? He's a LAD? What the fuck is that?!"

But then the SuperFriends toys came out in the early 80's and I was obsessed with the toys and the cartoon and discovered Batman. Since then, I have always admired Batman because he was a self-made super hero. He didn't get struck by lighting, fall in a toxic fire, get bit by a super smart ant, and wasn't from another planet or dimension. He was a rich, smart kid who watched his parents get murdered and he grew into a rich smart older dude who thirsted for revenge. He was Charles fucking Bronson, only HUMAN. He worked with the cops. He hooked up with girls based on their looks. He got hurt. He DETECTED. He lied. He loved. He wore a disguise because, even though its a fictional city, there are still fictional laws and you can't just go around revenge-killing because you're rich enough to have a Manor named after you. He even pulled some Leon The Professional shit and took in the extra responsibility of a kid only to turn that kid that wasn't his into a tiny, stupid-colored little version of him. That's good parenting. Whether he was cleaning up after the Joker had fled Arkham Asylum for the 8th time, or babysitting Gleek with the Wonder Twins, he kept his fucking cool, and bathed in vengeance.

So, to honor one of my favorite Super Heroes, I asked the now-ridiculously-popular-because-of-his-new-movie-which-may-be-one-of-my-favorite-movies-of-all-time, elusive hero to take some time to sit for me while I painted his portrait. He obliged, but what do you know, during the sitting, who decided to parachute in? A handful of Supervillains that WE BOTH THOUGHT WERE LOCKED UP OR DEAD!! But I guess that's the life of Batman. (Sighhh).